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HABIBI's Artist Residency

While searching for a studio I realized I didn't want just a place where I can make work because my work was more than just the things that I create. My work is about the process in which the work was created. So I decided to get two-bedroom house, where I would set up studio in one of the room, and one another room would be an artist residency. Now the residency runs as invitation only and is shared by word of mouth. I call the studio Habibi House, which is essentially an interactive installation piece for me. The residency is titled Habibi artists residency. Habibi means my beloved. 

I love bringing people together and building community/networks. I invite artists that I want to connect with, and/or people that I think would benefit from being in a space that centers there needs as an artist and a human. I offer the space and time and the artist leaves something behind for the space and the community. This exchange becomes a lot more personal, creating an intentional space, offering more than just art. The art created becomes a documentation or symbol of the exchange. Habibi House is place where artists can come and share space over time creates an energy that is carried by all of these beings creating in that space. An exchange that transcends the immediacy.